Bogeys Beef Jerky - Smokey Heat - 2oz


Bogey's Beef

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Bogey's Premium Beef Jerky Smokey Heat, 2-oz

Product Description: Bogey's original flavor is crafted from a closely guarded secret recipe that includes a combination of chili, garlic, and hints of apple and raisin for a delicious and savory bite. Cooked with real smoke and delivers a touch of heat.

Ingredients: Beef, water, jerky seasoning (dextrose, sugar, salt, spices, natural smoke flavor, hydrolyzed soy protein, monosodium glutamate, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, less than 2% of caramel color, silicon dioxide (anticaking), calcium silicate (anticaking)), cure (salt, sodium nitrite (0.62%)), hot sauce (apple sauce (apples, sugar, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), citric acid), distilled water, raisins, spices, balsamic vinegar, apple juice, chili extract, salt, xanthan gum), spices, apple cider vinegar.

Package Size: 2.0-oz

We love our Jerky and we love making our customers happy.

The story of Bogey’s Beef starts with our jerky master, Doug Bogumill. A serial food experimenter, Doug has a lifetime’s worth of experience mixing and matching sauces, spices, rubs; you name it, he’s tried to mix it. But things didn’t really start to materialize until his wife realized the logical gift for a creative husband with a food hobby was most clearly a dehydrator. Off to the races. As Doug found his groove mixing spices and flavors into venison and beef jerkies, the overwhelming response from friends and family was that he absolutely had to take this jerky of his to market. Alas, Doug knew his master mixing was just a hobby and you couldn’t make a living selling beef jerky.

Enter Grayson Gordon. My god, what a salesman. The young man could sell ice to eskimos. He could sell a popsicle to the bride. (is that how that one goes?) It doesn’t matter though, because when Grayson got a taste of Doug’s jerky one day, the die had been cast. There was no turning back. Grayson Gordon lodged himself in Doug Bogumill’s ear for three months and the rest is history. Doug Bogumill and Grayson Gordon agreed to start this journey called Bogey’s Beef.

Investors were found. Partnerships were made. Seasoning was perfected. Designs were created. You all know the routine. The Brand of Bogey’s Beef began to open its eyes and look for Mom. But in this case, Mom was the customer. Mom is all of you. Bogey’s Beef has a past and Bogey’s Beef has a future. And our future is with you beautiful beef Jerky lovers. So let’s all make this great. The About Us section is not just About Us, it is about YOU. Enjoy your Bogey’s Beef!! Tell your friends!! Tell the world!! We couldn’t be happier to continue our journey with all of you, thanks for your support.

The Bogey’s Team