King of Pops Pop Making Kit - Raspberry Lime - 64oz

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King of Pops

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This kit arrives Frozen with a 64 oz. container of King of Pops famous Raspberry Lime pop mix, 22 King of Pops sticks & 3.5 oz. dixie cups.
Entertain your kids by making pops just like the King!

Pops making instructions: Fill the dixie cups until they are a half an inch from the top, add stick, and freeze about 4 hours.

Entertain adults by making your own pop inspired cocktails right at home!

Make our famous R.L.V. 

4 parts Raspberry Lime mix

2 oz. of Vodka (or spirit of your choice) 

makes up to 16 cocktails using the whole jug.

Either way it is sure to create some happy moments!