About Rainbow Provisions

nick and steven cofounders of King of Pops

Rainbow Provisions is not only the brand name we print on our delicious ice cream, but an idea that has been years in the making. Like most things within our small business experiences, it came to life slowly through what we had to do for other parts of our business before eventually getting to a point where we couldn't ignore the opportunity to create something unique and special.

So let's go back a few years -- more than a decade actually -- to when we first started King of Pops. Our initial success from carts on the corner of popular intersections in Atlanta to festivals both in and out of Georgia led us to additional success in wholesale channels as well. However, it came with it's frustrations. We struggled to find a distribution company with the personal service and attention to detail we wanted.

So, we started our own -- Perfect 10 Foods (P10).

It was important to us to work with only local, artisan food brands that we personally love. "Local" is relational. And "local food" is much more than just amazing fruits and veggies. Local is the kind of small businesses that have a story. The kind that make every product with an undeniable passion and quality ingredients you can’t often find in mass-produced products. It's what we we've always been proud of at King of Pops and a standard that we hold both ourselves and our partners to. 

We have spent the last decade cultivating relationships with 100+ brands that fit that mold, up and down the east coast, and now are excited to bring them to you along with their stories on the Rainbow Provisions storefront.

Look for many more exciting items to come!

- Steven + Nick