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Pine Street Market is local to Atlanta, GA ❤️

Our Story 

It all started in 2008 when Pine Street Market's founder, Rusty Bowers, hung up his chef's coat and donned a butcher's apron to open Atlanta's first whole animal butcher shop. In 2010, Pine Street Market opened its online store to make our humanely raised and artisan meats available nationwide. Since then, Pine Street Market has continued to strengthen its relationship with Riverview Farms, located in Ranger, GA, to open Chop Shop, Atlanta's first Farmer & Butcher co-owned meat market.

Since the beginning of Pine Street Market, Rusty has been committed to working with local farmers to bring Atlanta the highest quality humanely raised meats. Through this journey, Rusty connected with Charlotte & Wes Swancy of Riverview Farms and therein found both a friendship and a partnership that centered on a commitment to supporting local food and shared ideals about humane treatment of animals and protecting our environment. Riverview Farms is located on the Coosawattee River in Ranger, Georgia, which is less than 90 miles north of Atlanta. Riverview Farms practices Full Circle Farming, where the land supports the livestock and the livestock builds soil fertility for the crops; they were growing organically before "organic certification" became a thing.

Riverview Farms raises grass-fed Black Angus cattle and Heritage Breed Berkshire, Tamworth, and Yorkshire hogs, and farms a variety of organic produce, including heirloom non-GMO varieties of white, yellow, and red corn that they mill onsite to make cornmeal, grits, and polenta, which are available at both Pine Street Market and Chop Shop. At Riverview Farms, livestock roams pastures and woodlots foraging at will. Animals are bred on-farm, and manure enriches pastures and fields in a closed-loop system that nourishes a thriving soil community for the next growing season. It’s an approach that recently won Riverview recognition as one of Georgia River Network’s “Clean 13.” ​

Pine Street Market sources the majority of its pork from Riverview Farms and other local Georgia humane farmers; poultry and beef from humane farmers in Georgia and the southeast; and lamb from humane farmers in Georgia or Colorado. Maintaining a connection with the farm is important to what we do and why we do it. Meat is more than an amazing steak or a beautiful pork chop with a decadent fat cap - every cut has a story that includes the animal, the farmers, the butchers, and the knowledgeable staff that tells the story.

At Pine Street Market, we believe that good, clean food can do more than bring us to the table, it can bring us closer together. From the local farmers to the butchers, getting to know the people that produce our food -- and the processes they use -- is the best way to reconnect with it. And when we reconnect with food, we reconnect with family, friends, and community. ​

Ours is a more sustainable approach to food, and a more enlightened way to live…one that harkens back to a simpler time. But don’t mistake us for being merely nostalgic. It’s not about missing the past; it’s about addressing what’s missing in the present.


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