Revolution Gelato - French Press Coffee - Pint


Revolution Gelato

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French Press Coffee Flavor Profile:

We make an in-house 24-hour cold brew with so much coffee that even after adding the rest of the gelato ingredients, it’s as strong as a cup of brewed coffee. The single-origin coffee we use is called “Dirty Nekkid” because it’s made using a natural 'unwashed' method that retains the beans' inherent sweetness. It’s a full roast with big body and earthy, chocolatey notes. Try mixing it with a scoop of our Cardamom Spice to create your own ‘Arabic Coffee’ flavor. And of course you can always add chocolate or caramel for the ultimate pairing.

Founder’s Notes:

I’m particularly proud of this flavor. Not only because it won 2016 Flavor of GA (in the dairy category), but also because of the story of these beans. The coffee comes from an Atlanta husband-and-wife team whose family has been growing the beans sustainably in the mountains of Nicaragua for six generations — Selva Negra has literally been called one of the most sustainable coffee farms in the world. It's what I use in for my own morning french press and I wouldn’t change a thing for our gelato.