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Skye Burger

Skye Burger - Vegetarian Burger

Skye Burger - Vegetarian Burger

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SkyeBurger, a fully-cooked vegetarian patty, that is both non-GMO and gluten-free, yet a delicious meatless option is now available to purchase online. Have your favorite hand-flipped vegetarian burger delivered directly to your door.

This is made of simple, natural ingredients to ensure their plant based purity. The wholesome goodness of our products come from the addition of carrots, red onion and kale, as well as garlic and other crucial spices. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect pairing than the ones we’ve created.

Skye Burger is local to many ❤️

Our Story 

The Skye’s the Limit!

Born out of a childhood memory in the kitchen of a small cafe in Talullah, Georgia, Skye Burger is the heartsong of Maria Loveless. Maria grew up rooted in vegetarianism and devoured her mother’s meatless burgers as a child. As she grew and found her own love of cooking and creating her own recipes, Maria opened The China Cat Cafe, where the Skye Burger was lovingly prepared and served to the local patrons. It wasn’t until a local, independent health foods store owner fell in love with the meal that it was made clear to Maria that she had something very special on her hands.

Ahead of the vegetarian and vegan trends, Maria launched the Skye Burger as a brand of its own in 1998 and quickly grew from the shelves of small, independent markets to large, big box retailers such as Ingles and Kroger.

From small, grass roots beginnings to where it is today, Skye Burger continues to be 100% made in America with Georgia-grown ingredients, produced by The Good Life Foods Corporation.

And although Maria no longer operates her original cafe, she instead travels to more far-off places from breweries and festivals to fairs and other events in her Airstream food truck – The Flying Cloud Cafe – to serve the Skye Burger and a wide array of menu items to bring her dream of a wholesome, delicious meat alternative to entire communities, putting smiles on the faces of all who taste it.

As Maria puts it, you are what you eat, eat happy!

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