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REVIEW: Pure Bliss Organics - Acai Coconut Bar

Steven CarseMay 09, 2020

The folks at Pure Bliss Organics have been making this for quite a while, and it’s for a good reason - it’s super tasty.  Steven’s Review: “If you are looking for a bar made by some good folks that has an amazing texture - you should try this one. I...

New Creation Bar Mix - Nadarita Strawberry Habanero Margarita Mix

Steven CarseApril 23, 2020

Steven’s Review: “I never thought I would be excited about a margarita mix. This one is just different. You can taste the freshness, and, to be honest, it tastes better than the vast majority of marg’s i’ve had at restaurants.  I was excited to share this one with my friends,...

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Emily G’s - Pepper Vinegar Sauce

King O. PopsApril 20, 2020

Dani's Review: “ I opened this sauce just a few days ago and I am almost half way through it, because it is that good. I am a big time vinegar lover and this sauce does not disappoint. It is addictively tangy and packs a punch with the spiciness. You...

100% Tamales - Mariachi Loco

Steven CarseApril 17, 2020

The best seller of all our tamales, this has an exciting mix of poblanos, sweet roasted peppers, fire roasted corn, and black beans. Not spicy, but very flavorful. Steven’s Review: “This is a solid lunch option. It can go from frozen to ready in 3 minutes if you don’t have...

Big Spoon Roasters - Cherry Pecan Nut Butter Bar⁣

Steven CarseApril 15, 2020

Steven’s Review:⁣⁣“I probably eat a bar almost every day. Whether I forget to eat breakfast, or am hungry and on my way into a meeting that I don’t want to be grumpy for. ⁣⁣This bar is an improvement from the Luna bars that are my typical go-to. It’s slightly dryer...