About NoBaked

NoBaked is local to Nashville, TN ❤️

Our Story

In early 2017, I was working a full time corporate job and only dreaming of being an entrepreneur. My chocolate chip cookie dough recipe was the one thing I had created that I felt like other people would love as much as me. After a couple weeks of building a website during my lunch breaks, I launched NoBaked and quit my job. Since then, I've worked to build a company that caters to our customers. From pop-up shops, to our scoop shops, to grocery stores - our cookie dough is made for YOU to enjoy.

My goal has always been to showcase cookie dough as a delicious snack. Flavor has and always be the most important thing - across all products under the brand.

After serving over 1 million customers, NoBaked's mission has become to create desserts that are chef driven not lab driven, with a focus on quality ingredients, immaculate taste, and unmatched consistency.