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Yom Ice Cream Push Pop - Pistachio

Yom Ice Cream Push Pop - Pistachio

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If you haven't had our Pistachio yet, you are missing out. We can almost guarantee that once you try it, it will be the best-tasting pistachio ice cream you've ever had!

As you can see, it's also not bright green like a lot of pistachio ice cream's out there. That's because we don't artificially dye our ice cream or have any extra additives. We focus on having high-quality core ingredients which allow us to leverage their true potential and flavor!

Flavor Personality: A nut that’s open-minded, rugged, and unapologetically hospitable. This pistachio will insist you stay for dinner.

Flavor Profile: A bold, sweet, roasted pistachio.

Yom is local to Atlanta, GA ❤️

Our Story 

Founded by brothers William & Simon, YOM is a premium custard ice cream company in the heart of Atlanta with recipes perfected over 18 years. We believe in treating your taste buds like they’re your buds. Because life’s better making memories together, one scoop at a time.

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